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Editing, Writing and Publishing

At Bay Media Publishing and Design Studio, we celebrate books. We adore them. We like to sniff the pages and rub our fingertips across the gently raised ink. Books have been published for the past 4,200 years, and we appreciate why—because they're amazing. We understand the intricacies of book publishing from paper weights and fonts to eye-catching illustrations and dynamic layouts. 

Working with our carefully selected partners and contacts, we help you get the best deals when it comes to printing, or, if you would prefer to self-publish, we can design your book specifically for platforms such as CreateSpace so that your self-printed book has a distinctly non-self-printed look.

"I handed out one of the very first two copies to one of the executives that advised us (but did not see any of the manuscripts). His reaction to the book was: 'It's so appealing that I will start reading it tonight!'"

Igor Pistelak - Co-author of Journey to Profitability

Journey to Profitability by Igor Pistelak and Elizabeth Sale. Not your average management book!

Book Design

With over 16 years' design experience, the Bay Media team can assist you with:

  • Cover design so that your book stands out from the crowd

  • Interior style, including font style guides, colour palates and the overall 'look and feel'

  • Illustrations/ graphic design

  • The printing process, providing print-ready, high-resolution PDFs and liaising with printers

Content Editing

Having published magazines in Hong Kong for 15 years, we know a thing or two about creating exciting content and adore working with our clients to help their words pop out of the page. We offer three levels of editing to help you achieve your goal:​​

Light - Checking accuracy and resolving grammatical issues
Medium - Correcting flow and re-working some of the text
Heavy - Re-structuring sections where necessary or heavily correcting style, flow and grammar

We're happy to look over your manuscript and suggest the appropriate level of editing based on where you are at with your project and your budget.

Contact us now to get that idea out of your head and into the hands of your readers!


Know what you want to say but don't know how to say it? Or simply don't have the time? Our writers are experts in the written word and know how to bring a message to life. From leaflets and brochures to articles and adverts, whatever you need writing, we can help you connect with you target audience in the most effective way.

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